The kind of Man I Want Only Comes To Life In My Dreams 

I want to close my eyes and stare at you in my dreams,

Because only in them do my untamed fantasies come to life,

I want to close my eyes and let my fragile body dance to tunes of your caress on my skin,

As you hold me in your captivating embrace,

I do not know how deep it is,

But am sure the bottom is as soft and tender as the newly sprouted spongy Nile grass,

I want to close my eyes and wonder through all beautiful places I have not yet been to with you,

I want to close my eyes and live through a typical normal day with you,

I want to see how normal life would be like with you by my side,

I want us to build our visions together even though your industry of expertise is far from mine,

I want you to tell me how it feels like to have yourself a spouse whose out in the limelight,

I want to know your fears and help you live through them or overcome them,

I want to one day close my eyes and watch you open the doors of your beautiful heart to me.

And watch you learn to love again and again with only and only me as your girl.


The Night is Coming!

Disaster roars down on us from a distance like whirlwind,

With our enemies readying their chariots to lay siege outside our city gates,

Anguish will soon be upon us, you should be afraid to look,  

Be terrified of the dark when the evening comes,

For you don’t know what chaos lies within its shadows,

Don’t sleep but be quick to grab your shields,

For the time is already at hand,

Pay heed to the watchmans warnings,

Eat at your table with your bow and arrow next you,

While you watch for any unfamiliar movements,

Widen your ears to listen to the faintest sounds,

Run to your rooftops when the war drums are sounded,

And see from which direction does he come from,

So that your not taken unaware, winnowed, and threshed by the time morning comes.

Egyptian history: the mysteries that stir my curiosity nerves

Egypt is one African country that makes me long to visit it, scavenge through their rich history, pose at the pyramids for pictures for remembrance, read through the libraries they got especially on the events that happened 000s of years back that have been recorded etc. Yes I know someone is going to hit me up and tell me that how about the on going political unrest, protests here and there and all the other insecuritues associated with it.  Well for starters I strongly believe that nobody will ever be completely safe in any country in this world. Let’s face it; the world is a very vicious place to live in though at the same time its a very magnificent place too.   So as I was saying, Egypt has the kind of history that intrigues me, makes me want to venture into it far and wide, discover what has already been discovered and what hasn’t, the conspiracy theories that surround their stories about the gods they worshipped, the clothes they wore are equally fascinating well to me who loves exposing a lot of skin 😉.

Now I bet your all wondering why all the interest. Its because of the mummy movie I just recently watched two days back. Yeah I know am late because it came out like a month ago. First of all I’m so disappointed on how short it was haha hell yeah it was, with all the mysteries that were unfolding here and there, then it got done just like that when it had almost just begun😒. I was actually hoping that the movie would somehow take another twist or turn and become a series because I strongly believe there’s alot of content that could be filmed and aired for peeps like us that love to delve in a lot of world history. Some of you will relate with me on this. I am even hoping that there’s a continuation of sorts from where the producer’s of this movie left off in the near future. I feel there’s so much history about this cradle land of civilization that hasn’t been fully exposed to the world. I am really curious.

A Day Of Reckoning Is At Hand!!

       Time is coming when the strongest shall disappear like a drop of water on dry ground,                       The brave shall be scattered like the way wind scatters the unbound harvested straws,                                     The arrogant shall be humbled and the proud pulled down,                           Sneers at honourables and insults hurled at elders will be the new normal,                                                       Where the best dressed will be put in charge as leaders,                                 Human oppression will be rampant on a daily basis,                                 With imminent doom looming all over the skies of the earth,                     That time when one’s sickle shall be turned into a straightened spear of war,                                                             And your pruning hook turned into a sword,                                                   With destruction at everyone’s doorstep,                                                     Nations,tribes,races, and religions shall rise against eachother,         There and then the battle line’s will be drawn,                                                   In a war, where not even the strongest and tactful ones will survive,                                                   The weak and cowardly shall bite the dust and hide in mole holes underground,                                             For every fortified wall and tall tower will have been burned down,             And when the stage is set, judgement shall be administered✌👏👏.!

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